Letter to job seekers

Codewell International Co. Ltd.,  since its inception, contact and interview with many outstanding candidates and industry friends, every time we will tell us to what is a type of company? Employees how happy together? We can bring staff with What is it?

In the long run, our goal is to become a design company with a high value in the field of home intelligence, artificial intelligence and industry.We advocate the idea of differentiated service, which requires us to have a deep design of market, semiconductor IC and software Understanding, and forward-looking vision and creative thinking to solve the practical problems faced by industry customers.

Our expectation and effort is to hope that employees can take the initiative through their own good performance, correct behavior and excellent results in their career growth process, without punching, no KPI. Personal career development will not be limited to the current departments and specific areas of work, diversity of experience and extensive experience will be highly valued and respected, individual uniqueness will also be in each process of system integration Full play, hope you full and happy.

Trust, communication and respect will be the prerequisite for solving all the problems; if you are confident, happy and happy, and you will be able to solve all the problems. Smart, welcome you, join us!

However, we are not very large multinational companies, there is no superior office environment, let alone star restaurants and apartment quarters, we have been on the road! Let us always keep an ignorance and fearless heart, stick to their dreams and passion, happy to grow together!

Codewell International Co. Ltd., 

Human Resources Department