Codewell International Co. Ltd., as a design solution company, is committed to the following areas:

• Video intercom We offer in the indoor unit and unit machine multi-platform and different positioning of the terminal solution; operating system based on TCP / IP digital intercom solution; Wireless and 2.4G non-standard frequency based wireless video doorbell solution; wireless low Power consumption of the doorbell solution; the use of different communication network transmission intelligent home system solutions.

• Security Monitoring Monitoring digital and HD transmission era has come, we provide high-definition camera solutions, display mosaic wall and mixed video signal switching and 2.4G / 3G system based on the wireless network monitoring system solutions.

• Industrial testing We provide pipeline high-definition system testing equipment, pipeline video camera, waterproof pipe camera, pipeline container detector underwater periscope HD video detector, waterproof industrial building video pipe detector, automatic balance pipe visual inspection instrument and industrial endoscopic product system solution Program.